NGBS Green Certification

Pearl Woodlake is a Certified “Green” Community

What Going Green Means to Us

Our property has earned the NGBS Green Certification. This means that from the ground up, we have built a community that is designed to create sustainability, and a clean and healthy environment for our residents – and for the planet. Durable building and construction materials lead to reduced maintenance and energy usage. Air ventilation and filtration systems improve air quality inside your home and reduce moisture than can lead to mold growth and other hazards. Efficient appliances and well-maintained water systems lessen the environmental impact of urban living. An on-site electric car charging station is available for our community members. Our neighborhood location is convenient and highly walkable, enabling our residents to travel nearby on foot or by bicycle to reduce vehicle emissions. We are dedicated to the well-being of our community and the environment. Contact our leasing office for additional eco-friendly living tips that you can practice in your new home.